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Better Days

Better Days

As I gaze into space

Searching for my special place

Not even realizing I lost my face

Just for a taste

with silks of lace

In my veins she keeps me safe

It's hard to leave when your stuck in this place

The pain, hurt and suffering comes with it all

Before you know it you will fall

Down the hole without any walls

The needle has been my friend

A faithful friend to the end

But at the same time, she took my place

Now all I ever see is her face

She terribly ruined my age

She won't discriminate, she cares not of race

But only that you stay in your place

How do I get away from her grip

Damn, I hate that b@tch

But she's already in my veins

An now I have nothing to gain

It's just time to change my ways

So I can wait for better days...

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