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There is Hope

Dear God,

Here I am again, abusing my body; I’m exhausted, broken, counting the minutes in each hour at 3 a.m., wishing I had a different life.

I know that my thoughts are negative, but I also know that I love you.

I am messed up.

I am tired of the abuse.

Help me flip the switch on my life; please, God, help me to focus on you.

Please, help me to be well.

I am still struggling with this physical pain.

I am still struggling with my memories.

I know that you’ve always been here but…

I am tired of this human condition.

God, I feel like a child again.

When will I stop ruminating?

When will you help me focus on this moment?

When will I be loved the way that I need to be loved?

When will I love myself?

There is so much joy and peace I am missing out on.

Please open this box I’ve been hiding in.

Please help me to right my wrongs.

Please help me to set boundaries.

Please help me to be kind.

Please help me to focus on you and the peace that you offer.

I still have this light within me.

Pour out your love all around me, through me, and within me.

Lord, I need you, oh how I need you. Every hour I need you.

Come meet me in this brokenness, for my hope is in you alone.

Send me angels in human form.

I need your help.

I need your guidance.

I need to know what my next right steps are in and out of the rooms.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


“I love you even in the mess, I love you in the middle of your pain. I make things right. I make things new. You are more than okay, more than enough. You are perfect just the way I made you. Don’t lose that hope, take heart, be courageous. Don’t hide away. Run to the help that you receive in the fellowship; I will meet you there with peace, patience, love and grace.”


- Anonymous

Written by: Brittany


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