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Undercover, Recover

Watching the last drop fall from what makes me fall 

Stumbling, mumbling, rumbling over doubts that takes me away from reality

The last time having a ball

The last time I become weak; fragility

I look in the mirror and ask, “What have you done to yourself?”

No response back because I have no self

Looking through an empty glass bottle, then at my almost filled to the rim cup

Just this one last time, bottoms up!

Time and time again, I feel so empty thinking that what is full in my hand will fill the void

To wake up in the morning from a black out, time missing, no memory; devoid

Lost in a world with many places to go

I sit in this room and let my demon take over

When does it stop? I don’t even know

As the darkness comes closer, I’m in the corner where wall meets shoulder

Tears of agony, screams trapped in my head

No way to get them out, they can’t get ahead

But today is here, a new day

Staring at that full cup of toxic poison

I have a choice between life or death

Turning over a new leaf, I choose me, and

Finally, I’m free


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