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Welcome to Tree of Hope! We are a Peer organization that helps the recovery community self direct to a new way of life. We provide one-on-one peer services, certified by the state of Maryland, to provided Peer trainings and supervision.      We are in the trenches with the recovery community ensuring that everyone        can find their pathway and needed resources.     

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of the fence

Pick your side
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How to help

We need volunteers to help with our fundraising efforts. Whatever your expertise, it's needed to make this organization a success. Please come to our committee meeting with fresh new ideas and excitement to help. See our Get Involved page to help support our organization.

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The Tree Story

Our logo represents our journey of recovery. Behind Avery Road Treatment Center is a tree that has stood as long as the program. At some point it became a tradition to throw your shoes in the tree to represent leaving the past behind and walking forward on a new path and a new attitude.


This tree represents a turning point for many in recovery.
Strengthening the roots of recovery.

Tree of Hope's Grand Opening 2022

In Case You Missed It... Tree of Hope held a Grand Opening on July 28, 2022. Thank you to everyone who came out and made this event possible. If you were unable to attend and would like to view the full event, please click this link!

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Tree of Hope now has a TV show, Road to Recovery, on Montgomery County TV (Channel 16) that airs on Tuesdays at 9pm. Our Director of Outreach, James Sutton, is our host reporting all things recovery.  We will embed and stream videos on our Road to Recovery Page as episodes air.  Check us out!

Provider Town Hall for Peers

Due to the pandemic, Tree of Hope hosts a monthly town hall meeting bringing together Providers and Peers from across the State.  Providers attend to inform the public on the services they provide, their protocols, how to gain access to their services and bed availability.  Peers attend to learn about available resources, to learn about admission processes and to form relationships with providers and peers.  Everyone on or who has been on our call is a part of a listserv that Peers use to make requests for services for their recoverees.  This gives them the ability to find services in real time with a direct connection to the Providers.  If you want to be added to the listserv, you must attend the town hall to make the request. We meet the second Thursday of each month on Zoom at 1pm, details below. We currently have 344 subscribed members.

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Meeting ID: 314 225 591
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Southern Region Town Halls

We are organizing the Peers in the Southern Region of Maryland. This region includes Montgomery, Prince Georges, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties.  The purpose of this group is to allow Peers from the region to join forces in advocacy to remove barriers for their recovery community. We are in early stages, and we would like to create committees for each region. Right now, we have formed cross county committees to include:


Stigma Committee


The Anti-Stigma committee strives to reduce the stigma associated with addiction and put a positive face on recovery.

Zoom Meeting Times: Every Tuesday at 6 PM

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Justice Committee


This committee works to address the gap in services for citizens returning to society from the justice system by providing community resources and to mediate and advocate for returning citizens using peer services.

Zoom Meeting Times: Every second Sunday at 2 PM

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"One Recovery - Many Paths"
Speakers Jam 2021

In Case You Missed It... Our Multi-Pathway Speakers Jam entitled "One Recovery - Many Paths" was amazing! We featured speakers from 9 different pathways who shared their experience, strength and hope of their journey of recovery. It was a very informative and fun day!