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Pouring Out the Poison

We shoveled our feelings,

Pouring a drink instead,

Now we can face them,

With courage and steadfast prayer.

We push past the anger,

We push past the fear,

For God, is ever so near.

We anchor our souls,

To cling to the promises.

Hope soon arises,

As we lay down our resentments.

God, save us from being angry, we said.

Surely God will hear us.

Surely their will for us is good.

Peace and security no longer avail us.

For the wreckage of our pasts are cleared.

A new day, a new hope, a new and sober mind,

Keeps us sane, one day at a time.

Oh God, we thank you for keeping us, in your perfect peace.

Wrap us with your comfort and grace.

Envelop us with your sweet love.

We thank you for waking us up with new breath and new life.

We breathe you in, we breathe fear out.

We breathe you in, we breathe grief out.

We breathe you in, we breathe shame out.

We breathe you in, we breathe anger all the way out.

For we know, resentments will lead us to our next drink.

We cannot hold on to these, or it will kill us.

Help us to be willing.

Help us to be faithful.

We love you.


Written by: Brittany


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