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No looking back

So you thought you could have me, Since I fell for you so easily.

It was the first hit That first little bit

That made my soul believe We’d start a life like Adam and Eve When I was still green You had my life feeling serene.

I thought “What could go wrong?” This drug is not that strong But little di I know You would make sweet Susy go.

That innocence I once had Flipped around to pure bad.

How did you end up controlling my mind? You’re a sneaky little snake crawling from behind

I let you put all this crap in my life Oh how my back aches form that knife

You brought me to my knees Begging for help, begging with “please!”

And you think we’re still friends? Our relationship has been to it’s end

I can’t let you control my life anymore. I don’t want to be every man’s whore

I loved you so much I took you everywhere I went To work, to school and event church events

Having people criticize and judge me Embarrassing myself and letting people use me

I’m ready to grow, I’m tired of living so low I have a beautiful life ahead Where every night I sleep in a warm bed

I’m happy to say I no longer depend on you So go on, get out and shoo!!!

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