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My Guardian Angel

I am holding on, but barely

Gripping whatever I can to keep it together

I can't do this on my own, I'm trusting you

They say fear and faith can't live together

but my fear drives my faith, my faith in you

Being desperate and scared makes me yearn for your presence

I prayed you would come to me

and I sat with myself

with my demons

with my pain

and waited for you...

I didn't know if you would find me, but you did

and you let me now I would never be alone

You told me my pain breeds strength

and to trust my struggle, and I am.

Because of you I am saved

You are my heart, you always were

You flow through my bloodstream now and always

and now I am your vessel

I am here to do your will

Tell God I'm going to need you now, more than ever

Tell Him you will be my guide

Wherever I go, you've been there to lead me

Lead me in life on the path to heaven's doors.

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