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This Poem is About Rehab

This Poem is about Rehab

How good came out of bad

How some of us went mad

People being insane bad brains, shit's sad

Some of us need to see men in white jacket

Shit is a bit deeper than drug habits

No self control, it's tragic

You lost yourself... How'd that happen?

Thought it was sweet, thought it was magic

Some of us disappear, some screw like rabbits

Meanwhile, I find peace of mind, Gotta have it

See a lot of this be like what did I do?

I cracked open bottles ready for abuse

Driving drunk in the streets letting loose

Headbutting cops, short fuse

Life is messed up when I use

More to gain and even more to lose

Do you know Gracie?

Have you seen David?

Yeah they're supposed be here at the party

but they never made it

You should have seen the scene of the crash, they yellow-taped it

Real tears for real peer, not faking it

All the sorrys and I should've, can't replace them

Face it!

See a lot of us be like... Why me?

I used to be a prodigy

Everyone was proud of me

I was rocking Prada "B"

Now at rock bottom you got nada "B"

I'm not going back to insanity

It's life or death, I take it seriously

My drive is peerless, I'm peerless "G"

Nothing to do with you everything to do with me

What about your kids, your house, your family

You think you slick because of the way you walking

but you missed the whole point cuz you were side talking

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