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Albert Reed - An Inspiration Despite The Odds.

His name is Albert Reed, a former addict who was sentenced to a lifetime in prison without parole due to a non-violent drug charge. After Albert had already served 24 years in prison, he was granted release in 2019 as a result of the First Step Act of 2018. Despite his lengthy imprisonment, Albert immediately made the most out of his release and began building his career in addition to uplifting and aiding those who are treated unjustly by the criminal justice system as he once was. Albert is now the CEO and founder of Albert Reed and Associates LLC, a criminal justice consultant, and a motivational speaker. Despite the odds of reentering society after over two decades of unjust imprisonment, Albert has transformed his life with a focus on aiding other people facing a similar situation as him. Albert's accomplishments are an inspiration as he is an exemplar of beating the odds and prevailing.

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