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Recovery First

Girl Holding her Heart

The meals will get cooked, the bills will get paid, Your room will get tidied, your bed will get made. You’ll have time for work and time for play, Money for rent, clothes and holidays. You’ll be able to travel across the world, Bag the job you’ve always wanted, meet your dream man or girl. You’ll fall in love and the person who Sweeps you off your feet will love you too. Perhaps one day there’ll be little yous, Running around in their little shoes, And as you watch them grow with pride, You’ll feel a sense of joy inside, And immense gratitude for being alive. You’ll have all you need once your head is clear, And you’ve managed to let go of remorse and fear, But recovery is top priority - Whatever comes before it will disappear.

Milly D.

Milly D. is a member of AA and a very talented blogger and poet currently living in Germany. You can check out her work on this blog soon or her personal blog,

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