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The only constant is....CHANGE!

Dana is currently in treatment and submitted this musing for the blog. Let's show her some love.

Believe it or not from the very first day here each of us has already begun to do just that.

We are all in a very different place, we are around so many different people, doing and learning a lot of difficult things. CHANGING!!

Most of all, from the detox bed to today, this day, our minds are becoming more clear, sharper as the fog of the past begins to fade. So with a new mindset, as we grow strong and get healthy, think of this place as our caccoon, because from here, we have a chance at a a life as beautiful as a butterfly.

The wreckage of our past is already behind us. The new YOU is waiting to be free. The path in front of each of us is clear with fresh, clean sand, the only thing missing are our footsteps...

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