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I think you're mine but in reality I'm yours

I belong to you.

I'm a servant and you are my king.

I'll give up my pride, morals and values.

I'll give up my self worth

and I'll give up my ones I love, even my son.

I love you more than any of those things.

I'm am in your lasso as you lead me to the gates of hell.

My pain is deep while I wallow in the depths of your world.

I'm always wanting more of you.

I get you ready and push you deep in my veins and drift off to heaven.

I'm on a suicidal mission until I'm at rest.

I need peace

I need serenity

I need true love

You WERE the love of my life but you failed me.

I fought in your fire

I should've known the fire would win

I'm in more pain than could ever be imagined

You took everything from me

You took my house and everything I owned

You took me away from my whole family

You took me away from my son

and You took my beautiful baby girl away from me

the person I loved the most in this world.

You took my soul

You had it good

I stood by your side...I loved you

But that was then and this is now

Everyone is dying and it makes me sick

Fuck an epidemic, this is an apocalypse

Incurable, progressive and fatal until arrested

And today I locked you away

I may never be able to kill you but I will wound you

and keep you at bay with all my strength

Enough is enough and I got tired of being stuck

I'll always feel the pain and destruction

I'm not afraid to cry, my life changed once I was willing to try.

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