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Who Am I?

People would tell me “be yourself” and I’d respond: “Who’s that?” I was confused about who I was, what I wanted and where I was at. I yearned for a job that would satisfy me, A man that was caring, but allowed me to be free, Plus the time and money to do as I pleased, But when I got it all, I felt a sense of unease; I believed I wasn’t worthy of these kinds of rewards, And that to earn them, a number of points must first be scored. It’s taken some time and a fair bit of grief, But I’m slowly learning to ditch that belief. Working the program has helped me to see That I deserve good things, just for being me.

Milly D. is a member of AA and a very talented blogger and poet currently living in Germany. You can check out her work on this blog soon or her personal blog,

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