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A Prayer

My Lord, my God. Breathe your life-giving breath into me now.

Fill this room with your comfort and peace.

Let me feel you in my mind, body, and soul.

Selah (pause).

For I am tired.

I am in pain,

And I am restless.

But in you, God, I find true rest.


I wrap myself in your peace and grace,

As you cover my shame and console me with your songs of mercy.

Forgive me, that I may forgive others.

Love me, that I may love your people.

Counsel me, in every step that I take.

Guide and guard my thoughts.


Help me to discern the thoughts that are distorted, help me to know your truth.

Speak to me, each minute, each hour, each moment of today.

Lead me in my next right steps.


Fill us with the unity of the Spirit, that we may help one another to find your ever-present peace

amongst the chaos.

For there is HOPE in this unity, there is peace amongst your people.

Oh, Creator, help us to create.

Give us the great gift of laughter.

Help us to find joy, no matter how our external circumstances may look.

May we look to YOU.

Bless us today.

Bless us tomorrow.

Bless us with restful sleep and peaceful dreams.


Give us the willingness.

When we are not willing, remind us that we are children of the Light.

Show us how to genuinely love ourselves.

Help us to recognize who you made us to be.


Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God, for this very moment.

Thank you, Creator, for the joyful song of birds.

Thank you for your gentle wind, reminding us that you are kind and compassionate.

Thank you for the moon, thank you for the stars, thank you for the sun.

For you bring Light, everywhere you abide.

Let this be our prayer, that we may find true rest today.


Written by: Brittany, Alcoholic/Addict


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