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Goodbye Letter To Alcohol

Like the love of my life you were there when nobody else was around to help lift me up. When I was down, you gave me something to look forward to. Dragging my feet in desperation for the moment I could look up and put a smile on my face at the sight of a blessing. At my darkest hour, you were that blessing.

At the beginning you felt so good, until slowly but surely, you drained me of everything that made me, me. Happy and cheerful, I was. Patient and understanding, I was. Sacred and treasured. Not knowing that having a relationship with you would make me hat myself; degrade myself; expose myself to the most unpleasant experiences life has to offer.

It took me over a year of not having you in my system to fully find closure. The healing I had to do to find the courage to acknowledge the beauty I possess without you in my life is astounding. I'm proud to say I can do life without you.

I thank you for the lessons you have taught me over the years. Today I am standing my tallest. All that you have given me, I was able to use it for the strength I now have. My dignity has been restored and I can move forward with grace.

I no longer love you like I once did. I am at peace.


Epiphany H.

"Don't ruin a gorgeous day with a bad experience."


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