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Poems by Paul S. Herring

Addiction and/or Affliction (To inflict suffering upon, causing distress, too)

My addiction speaks for itself, the highs, the lows, broken promises, along with the piercing pain throughout my soul.

Just another day in a life without control.

I often wonder is this fate or a twisted game for someone else’s sake.

I ride the highs; I endure the lows if affliction plays a part, I have no idea where it goes.

The joy I seek and sometimes even have can’t surpass my dreams of being clean and sober I often have.

Sober Pain Can’t Be the Same

I cry longer, recover slower, replaying events while trying to stay sober.

Is this how it’s going to be?

The pain I afflicted is coming back to me.

No longer choosing the easy way out, I must stay focused and learn what the real world is all about.

The past is the past, what more can you do?

Focus on today and don’t let your past dictate to you.


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