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The Truth Will Set You Free

Covering up what hurts us, causing us pain, will not do anything but make the problem bigger. As addicts – especially women addicts, and those women who are close to and care for the addict – put so much thought in appearance when inside we don’t feel like how we look.

It’s like when you want to continue to look young, then two days later crows' feet show up at the corner of your eyes and your hair begins graying. Then you go for Botox and facelifts to keep your face tight; hair dyes to hide the graying strands. Eventually your body is going to show what you have spent thousands on, trying to fix. Substance abuse is the same.

Society, family, and even friends can play a role in how we feel about ourselves that can cause us to become in denial. We look in the mirror every day and find something that makes us feel less than what is, about who we are. We have to feel good to face the world as we know it. Pressure to act a certain way; pressure to care for another while keeping the home running smoothly; protecting the sickness to help the progression, holding it together, to not lose that job; giving in to another person just to get what we want. A silent killer, addiction is. That’s what it led us to, substance abuse. Continuing to be the prisoner with low self-esteem. Feeling worthless and useless because we allowed our selflessness to turn into a negative viewpoint of ourselves.

Our disease isn’t our fault but our recovery is a choice. Addiction is a very real thing. Trying to hold on to the act of using is one thing but the behavior following the substance use is another. And it will give our secret up. Substance abuse is expensive. Medical bills are piling up from organ failure because your aunt told you your outfit didn’t look right. So you went to take shots to feel better, and now drinking has turned into a habit. You lost your home and cars, and your friends won’t help because those same friends convinced you to go party after your significant other broke up with you. And those pills told you to keep popping them, eventually expanding your horizons trying other substances.

Staying clean really is our choice to make. We can’t lie to ourselves. We can’t run from our truths. Suffering is our consequence if we choose to pick up. Freedom gives us sacrifice. Real happiness and joy comes from feeling the pain. 

Who are you?


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