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This House

In this house I’m allowed to be me

In this house my recovery can be

In this house I learn to face my struggles

In this house nobody can touch me

In this house I will not become distracted

In this house I will learn to love myself

In this house I will finally find me, who’s been lost for so long

In this house I gain a family that I picked and have picked me back

In this house I can cry and let it out

In this house I face my fears and can dry the tears

In this house God calls and says, "Stay fighting and give yourself a chance"

In this house I’ll finally find love for my life, for others, for my trauma, for my fears, for my family that turned their back on me but most importantly my child

In this house it has finally saved me; so for everything that this house has brought into my life and for my life and my child, I’m so grateful

Written by: Ashley T.


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