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Internal Conflicts

I take things too literal

My conscience is a constant

So I accept grief minimal

My perception can be subliminal

Mental pain, I can't handle but I can tolerate the physical

Therapy and people there for me are critical

Small problems are sometimes trivial, but always typical

They claim I was clinical and unfixable

So my soul became more gentle and mendable

I have my own principles though they may not be visible

I am very forgivable

I felt invisible which made me miserable

I would do the unthinkable because I thought I was unsinkable

Always thought heaven was life reciprocal

that right biblical, I am an imbecile

My life became fictional in a state of not livable,

drinkable, criminal drugs perceived as being medicinal

Something far from spiritual...Unforgivable

Always formidable, but never visual

Sometimes cynical never minimal

These syllables I've placed together,

explains why my pain in the worst kind of weather

How I can walk around with no head but my head is not covered

Feeling like I'm trapped in a cellar

That says do not enter

Always placed with pressure enables me to give into my stressors

Never could ever measure up

Regardless of the pressure

I can't always invest my time in people

I'm tired of being the investor

Description of a disposition open for demolition

A condition of entering the forbidden

that can never be forgiven.

I feel at times I'm just a fluent nuisance

any clueless movement could influence

my improvement and its not conducive

I'm helpless, ruthless but prudent

Is this real life or am I convincing myself an illusion

Which action should I choose

Which action do I refuse

Which action should I pursue

My feelings say I should use

But you gotta do what's best for you

But I guess I'll keep seeing my happiness as tattoos

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