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The True Pimpas Paradise

False Paradise

They'll ask what happened to that girl

O she? she ain't shit you see, and she'll never be.

She fucked up her life

Never became a wife

Stuck to partying and wasting away

It's that bad you say?

Ya she was a pretty girl

In her palm she held the world

But she threw it all away for a guy

Someone who didn't care if she died

They slowly killed themselves

Like a fucked up Romeo and Juliet

Cept dope was there true love

They put nothing above

Not even each other

I heard she has a brother

She left him too like her father did

That's how this all started

When they departed

She lost herself

Didn't care bout her health or wealth

Just that high

It's really sad, *lets out a sigh*

She could have been anything she wanted

And when she had it, it was flaunted

Now it's just sad

This world can be truly mad

Like a hatter they say

That will be the day

When she fixes her life

Maybe becoming a wife

But I doubt it

Like I said she ain't shit you see

And she will never be.

The saddest story you'll ever hear

Pimpas paradise is real

n i am it...

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